Sports Picks Hoops Strategies

Posted on: 3 March 2022

If you're looking to make sports picks during this hoops season, finding good odds is all about timing and making contrary picks.

Here are some sports picks to help you make more money during the NBA Playoffs and NCAA tournament.

Timing it Right

When you're making sports picks during the hoops season, capitalizing on the best odds can require making bets both early and late.

  • Early Picks: as the NBA and NCAA seasons dribble closer to the championship season, the betting favorites become more obvious. One of the smartest sports picks you can make involves placing multiple bets on the favorites as early as you can. For instance, if you notice that an NBA team is trending in a positive direction, you might want to place a small bet on their odds to reach the Conference or NBA Finals. You can follow the same advice for the NCAA tournament. If you notice that a team is poised to be a lower seed, you make small bets about how far they will make it in the tournament. The earlier you make these sports picks, the better your odds.
  • Late Picks: when it comes to making sports picks, it can also pay to be fashionably late. For instance, if a team suffers an injury or COVID cluster in the hours before a game is likely to start, you make small bets on their odds of losing, while making a slightly larger bet on their odds of winning. By making this type of last-minute bet, you can take advantage of the uncertainty in the betting market, while beating casual betters who might not be paying attention to the latest news.

 Taking a Contrary Stance

If you can remove your emotions from the betting process, you can often boost your betting success.

  • Popularity: because the NCAA tournament involves single-elimination games, it can be difficult to pivot from prevailing narratives about teams, coaches, and match ups. When you're making sports picks on the NCAA tournament, it's always a good idea to pay attention the most popular betting trends. If a team, coach, or player is very popular with casual betters, the price of betting with the pack can be high. As the tournament progresses, looking for opportunities to bet on unpopular picks. Even if the odds seem long, you only need to hit on a few of these picks to make substantial gains. You can also place multiple bets on less popular teams to hedge your bets. 

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