Tennis, Badminton, And Volleyball: Backyard Fun

Posted on: 29 August 2016

If you have a big backyard and would like to take advantage of it by playing lawn sports, then you certainly can do it. You can have volleyball, tennis, and badminton all in your backyard with only a few simple items. This will allow you to have lots of fun at summer and spring parties. You can host parties where your guests will get to play a fun backyard game. Here's what you need to get in order to make it happen.

Adjustable Net

The first thing you need to do is to install an adjustable-height net. This is a net that can be lowered for when you and your guests want to play tennis, and it can be raised when everyone wants to play badminton or volleyball. These nets are a great space saver because you only need one to play three different sports. Once the poles are installed, you attach the net. Then you can raise and lower the net by adjusting it on the pole attachments.

Badminton and Tennis Racquets

You're going to need badminton and tennis racquets. You can't use tennis racquets to hit a shuttlecock, and you also don't want to try and lob a tennis ball back and forth using a badminton racquet.

When looking for a badminton racquet, you should choose one that is made with carbon fibers. These are super strong and won't snap on you while you're playing like some of the cheaper plastic models. The classic design for a badminton racquet is an oval shape, but there are some designs out there for people who prefer a specialized shape. However, if you're just setting up the net for occasional use and don't have an idiosyncratic hit, then a classic oval-shaped badminton racquet is the right choice. You should get at least four racquets.

Tennis racquets can get very expensive, but you're not playing Wimbledon, so you don't have to spend tons of money. An oval shaped, medium flex racquet is fine. The higher-end carbon racquets can get very expensive, so you can get a wooden or cheaper poly-carbonate-based model. Just make sure they have shock absorbing grips and are not marketed as Junior models (those are for kids). You should also get four of these racquets so that you can play doubles.

Shuttlecock, Tennis Balls, Volleyball

Finally, you need to stock up on tennis balls, shuttlecocks, and a volleyball. A canister of tennis balls should be enough, as should three or four shuttlecocks. This way if the balls get lost, or the shuttlecock gets damaged while being hit over the net, the games don't have to end. One volleyball is usually enough.