Have These Trophies Made Up For The Baseball Team You Coach

Posted on: 21 June 2016

Coaching a youth baseball team involves not only putting in hours at the field, but also away from it. One of the jobs that you'll often find yourself handling is getting trophies made up for your players. While the league will likely take care of the championship trophies and participation trophies for everyone on your team, it's a special touch to get a handful of other trophies made up to present at your year-end tournament. Work with your local trophy shop to have it produce baseball-themed trophies with customized plaques for the recipients. Here are some fun trophy ideas.

Most Improved Player

It's a nice gesture to recognize the player who struggled early in the season but really developed his or her fundamentals as the summer progressed to be the most improved player on the team. If you coach the same group of players year after year, you could also think about giving this special trophy to the player who has made the most improvements since the previous season.

Best Teammate

A player who might not have the best skills on the field can still be a valuable teammate. Depending on the age of the team you're coaching, this player could keep everyone loose on the bench, be the first player to offer verbal encouragements when a player succeeds or simply be someone who never misses a game or a practice. If you're considering a wide range of criteria when deciding who will earn this trophy, there's no harm in getting two trophies made and recognizing co-best teammates.

Highlight Play Of The Year

In an era in which sports highlights are so prevalent on TV and online, think about which player had the best highlight-worthy moment of the season and recognize this accomplishment with a custom trophy. It could be a spectacular running catch, a game with two home runs or a daring steal of home to win a game in extra innings. When you present the trophy, make sure to tell the story of the highlight and why you chose it.

Best Prankster

There's often one player on the team who is worthy of the title or best prankster, and it's fun to give a trophy to assign this title. Baseball teams often have one player who's constantly playing harmless tricks on his or her teammates, and as long as these acts aren't getting in the way of the game, they can cause a lot of laughs and help pull the team together. Contact a business, such as Washington Trophy Center, for more information.