How To Plan The Best Father's Day For Your Bike-Loving Husband

Posted on: 29 January 2016

Have you just decided to embrace the fact that the other love interest in your husband's life is his bicycle? Some women's husbands have a love affair with football or computer games. If your husband has taken to bike riding as his favorite way to spend leisure hours, count your blessings. Being in the outdoors and exercising are great for his physical health and for his mental health. If you are planning ahead of time to give him the best Father's Day ever, here are some ideas for you.

Start The Celebrating Early - There aren't too many men who would pass up a gourmet breakfast in bed. Think of what is served at restaurants that specialize in breakfasts. If you want to cook something special, make huevos rancheros with rice and refried beans or steak and eggs with a side of hash browns.

And, bring on the bike-related presents! Is it time for a new helmet? Tools to make minor repairs on a bike ride would also be a good gift. Of course, bicycle jerseys are always a welcome gift. If your husband is tall or large, don't worry. You'll be able to get the exact size he needs, whether it's for tall, slim guys, short, stocky guys or anything in between. And, there are great design choices available. Think of getting a two-toned jersey that includes his favorite colors. Another good idea is to get a jersey that will stand out when your husband is biking in the early morning or late evening hours when it's getting dark. Jersey fabric is not only comfortable to wear, but it washes well.

Plan A Special Activity - It would be fun to plan a family picnic to share at the end of your husband's usual bicycle trail. Does he go bike riding with other friends? If so, it would be fun to include their families so that there could be a big celebration. Let the other moms or wives know that you're giving your husband a new bicycle jersey and they may copy cat your idea. Plan some fun games for your picnic. One could be Pin The Hat On The Biker instead of pinning a tail on the donkey.

If you do decide to order tall cycling jerseys for your husband's Father's Day gift, think about getting yourself and the kids large ones, too.  The fact that the shirts are extra roomy will make them very comfortable nightshirt.