Bicycle Helmets: A Family Affair

Posted on: 15 July 2015

Does your family like to go for afternoon bike rides? Is your child required to wear a helmet when riding his or her bike? In some states and cities, bicycle laws require that children wear a helmet when riding their bikes, but often those laws neglect to make the same requirements for adults. However, if you really want to make sure that your child is safe while riding, helmet wearing should be a family affair. Here are six reasons why the whole family (not just the kids) needs to wear a helmet on bike rides.

1. Most head injuries due to bike accidents are preventable. Up to 85% of head injuries that are caused by biking accidents could have been prevented, and 75% of bicycle-related deaths are caused by head injuries.

2. Brightly colored helmets can help you to be more visible on the road. Wearing a white or brightly colored helmet improves your visibility to drivers. This is especially important if you don't always wear lime green shorts on your afternoon ride.

3. Your kids will learn from your example. If your child protests every time it is time to put his or her helmet on for a bike ride, it may be because he or she does not see you wearing one. Requiring that the whole family wears a helmet ensures that no one feels left out.

4. Parents try to protect their kids. Think about it. If there is a car coming at your child, you are likely to attempt to push him or her out of the way or try some other way to prevent it. He or she has a helmet on, but if you don't, guess who will be suffering from a head injury.

5. You can help your child with getting a proper fit. Wearing a helmet yourself gives you a better understanding of what your child needs in a helmet. Is he or she always complaining that it is itchy or sweaty? By wearing a helmet yourself, you can empathize and adjust your child's helmet to better meet his or her needs. 

6. You can be stylish together. Your family is already cool enough to take bike rides together. Making sure that everyone wears a helmet is a great way to show your family solidarity, and up the coolness factor. Plus, you can achieve added cool points for making sure all of the helmets match. Get cool helmet designs at bike shops like Sarasota Cyclery Inc.