Choosing The Best Golf Shoes For You

Posted on: 18 April 2015

As a golfer, you more than likely already know the importance of wearing the right golf shoes. Beginners quickly learn that choosing the right golf shoes is one of the most important golf apparel-related decisions they will make. This article will help you to choose the best golf shoes.

Choose a style you are going to be pleased with

Finding the best style of golf shoes is important. There are two main styles of golf shoes on the market: athletic and traditional.  

Athletic golf shoes have been designed to offer the utmost in comfort. This means they offer you the flexibility you are looking for as a golfer. They are also known for being very light, and this will help when you are on your feet for hours.

Athletic golf shoes can be found with and without spikes. If you tend to play on wet days, then you should go with spikes. However, if you tend to go out when its dry, then you will do fine with spike-less shoes.

Traditional golf shoes are leather. They last a long time, but they tend to not be very flexible. This can cause them to be a bit on the uncomfortable side. They also don't have the breathability the athletic shoes offer.

Try on the shoes

It's always best to try the golf shoes on. This means avoiding buying them online. You want to stand with them on, wiggle your toes in them and walk around for a bit. Also, stand up and stretch toward the ceiling, lifting your heels off of the ground. You want the shoes to fit naturally and bend correctly.

Always make sure you try the shoes on with the same thickness of socks you plan on wearing while you are golfing. The middle part of the golf shoe is the part that stretches out the most and it is the part that should fit the tightest.

Make sure there isn't any rubbing

When you try on a pair of golf shoes, you may feel an area that seems to rub against a part of your foot in an odd way. While this feeling may not bother you when you are trying on your shoes, it can actually cause big problems when you go to golf in the shoes. That small rubbing you feel will turn into a painful scratching that could cause you to develop blisters.

When you wear the best golf shoes for your needs, you will find they feel much better and leave your feet less tired and stressed when you get home from the golf course. Consult a company like The Golf Guys to find the right shoes for you.